3D Mold - Hearts

3D Mold - Hearts


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3D Acrylic Molds can be used to create 3D decorations for nails, its fast and easy.

You can use the molds easily to build 3D decoration for Nail Art, Ear Rings, Necklace, Key Chain, and much more.

Really good for nail artists and any one who want to be created with their nails.The nail
artists can use it to shorten the process time to make an attractive nails.

To make 3D art you need a brush, acrylic liquid and acrylic powder. (sold separately)

How to use:

1) Apply some clear acrylic liquid on the mold with a brush.

2) Dip a brush in to the clear acrylic liquid and then dip it in to
acrylic powder (color of your choice) and apply it to the mold.

3) Apply some acrylic liquid again.

4) Waite for few minutes.

5) Remove the art work.