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4 benefits of UV gel nail paints


What are UV gel nail paints?

One of the best alternatives to nail paints is UV gel nail paints. These paints such as ibd nail polish have much durability of more than two to three weeks (and no chipping) upon proper application. In the recent years, UV gel nail paints have earned a lot of popularity among women. These are the first preferences first when it comes to manicure tips that last long considering the time constraints that clearly bothers all of us.

The UV gel nail polishes change from semi-liquid to solid state after they undergo a curing process. The paint may take several minutes to set on your nails when it is exposed to ultraviolet lamp. It is essential to understand and implement the right curing method, otherwise the gel nail paint will never set and harden.

Here are four notable benefits of UV gel nail paints that will surely make you consider buying them

1. The UV gel nail polish is preferable over regular nail paints in view of the benefits it offers. First being the incredibly less amount of time they take to set. All you have to do is cure every coat and then reapply another coat, if you want.
2. The UV gel nail paints, like ibd nail polish stay for longer duration in contrast to the regular ones. They last on your nails, intact for as much as three weeks without the formation of any chips. There is zero impact of any chemicals or products including the hand creams, soap water, etc.
3. If you always face the dearth of time due to the extra-challenging professional and personal front, you will always prefer easy to use and less time taking manicure tips. There are the regular nail polishes that dry by the body heat or when you expose your nails to heat lamps, discouraging you to do any activity with your hands until they are completely dry. Though there are brands that claim the regular nail paints to dry in less than 15 seconds, but what could surpass the UV gel nail paints such as ibd nail polish that sets after exposing it to the curing lamp but lasts much longer.
4. They save you costly and time taking visits to salons - Women often pay for availing salon services where they complaint about waiting in the long queues. And then cost of the manicure services usually falls out of your budget. You can save a decent sum of money on nail paints at salons if you opt for UV gel nail polishes.

Keep your nails clean before applying the UV gel, filing is not necessary as it may damage the nail. Make sure that every UV gel nail paint coat you apply is thin and should not touch your skin or cuticles. The thin layer of the paint should not contain any bubbles. This thin layer is necessary to let the UV light penetrate and harden it completely. Before the application, do not miss reading the instructions, as they are important.


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