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4 Steps To Apply Gel Nail Colors Like A Pro At Home


Getting the quality of Salon to your home manicure is like a dream. And this dream can easily come true if you know the right procedure to apply your gel nail colors. Doing your nails at home is the best way to pamper yourself in your free time. And the perfect way to do it right is by following the steps given below.

Tip: Before you start, make sure that everything is neatly positioned. Choose a room which is nicely lit but don't be under direct sunlight or from open doors and windows because the products that you use for your manicure are sensitive for light. Also, get all the products at one place so that you don’t have to jump from one place to another in the middle of your manicure.

Step 1: Make your nails ready

Start by washing your hands properly and then drying them. Make sure that you have the shape and size that you wish to keep in future. File them in a good shape and use the manicure sticks to get smooth and shiny nails.

You can also soak your cuticles in warm water for some time so that it becomes easier to clean them.

When you are done with the clipping, filing nails and cleaning the cuticles, clean the dust with a lint free tissue or you can also wash your hands again.

Step 2: Use the Gel base coat

Gel base coats are essential to create a strong coat on the nails. This coats helps to build the nails stronger and also creates a sticky layer on the nail so that gel nail paint application becomes easy. The perfect way of applying this base coat is to use an ‘O’ shape application method. And let it then dry for about 30 seconds.

Step 3: Cap the nail tips

Apply a thin layer of gel nail paint coat on the four fingers giving a capp to your nails. This can be done easily by brushing the base nail coat along the tip of the nails. Doing this regularly helps to avoid chipping. The base coat should not be touching cuticles or skin on the sides of the nail. If at all at the time of manicure you happen to spill the base coat around the nails, clean it with the help of manicure stick before you keep your fingers for curing. The cleaner and smooth the base coat is, the better will be the finish of final look of the gel nail color. Cure the fingers under LED nail lamp for about 30 seconds.

Step 4: Time for Gel nail paints

It is finally the time when you can get your favorite gel nail colors on your nails. Choose from the massive range of CND and OPI nail enamels. Select your favorite shade. Start by shaking your bottle first and apply the nail color with the method that you used for base nail coat.

Later cure the nail color for about 60 seconds now.

See if your nail color needs another coat and follow the same procedure for the extra coats.

Step 5: Get the shine with gel top coat

It's time to get the final touch. Apply a thin layer of gel nail top coat and leave it to cure for about 30 seconds.

It’s time to show off the beautiful nail paints to the world. These easy 5 steps can give you a whole lot of elegance and style on your nails. To get the best of products and manicure kits, visit our website. The online gallery is full of exciting colors and products to serve your styling needs.


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