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6 Funky Nail Arts To Glamorize Your Nails


6 Funky Nail Arts To Glamorize Your Nails

The meaning of manicures has been changed and transformed in last few years. Lately printed nails has become a symbol of grown-up elegance. Traditional manicures are also reformed in modern ways. Nail art game came as a dark horse in the fashion industry. Traditionally, nails have been for an epitome of class and a symbol of high profile fashion. However, currently nails express the individuality.

Nail business is always open to creativity and individuality. The designs on the nails is a piece of art. The new generation of young women are using nail art to express their fashion savvy and personality. The contemporary nail arts have turned the rules upside down. This business is rapidly becoming bigger and favorite of major section of women. The stereotyping of nail art is broken. Let us dive in the updated versions of nail game.

  • Monochrome manic

Black and white has been favorite of most of the women. No girl can deny a combination of both. Monochrome manicures established a name recently and here to stay. Be it lines or dots, monochrome has the capability to win the nail game.

  • Metallic Munch

Metallics just re-entered the fashion industry and slaying like never before. The shades like bronze and copper are becoming immensely famous. The comeback of metallics has inspired nail industry as well. Manicures in metallic colours are the most demanded by most salon customers. Both celebrities and young women are embracing shades of metals since the day it came.

  • Glitter on the go

Unlike metallics, glitter nail art has an established reign in the business. They match every skin tone. In order to achieve a desired glitter nail art you can start with a base color and develop it with glitters on top. The simplest manicure or nail art with glitters will never make you feel under dressed. Gold and silver are classic glitter colors to go for.

  • Deep hearts

The most romantic manicure is here for a feminine touch to your fingertips. The mandatory situation with this nail art is that the shape of the nails has to be oval or pointed. The hearts are drawn on the tip of the nails to enhance the chic and girly self. The experiment in terms of colors can also be done with this manicure.

  • Matte manicures

The matte nail polish are trending lately. All the nail arts with matte nail polishes are adding an edgy and funky look to the nails. Unlike glossy nails, it embraces the contemporary nail trend. Matte manicures and nail arts are challenging all the stereotypes of nail arts.

  • Flag on tips

This nail art has recently came into vogue. Not just american flags, many other flag prints are also seen on fingertips lately both from celebrities and young women across the globe. Blue and white are the most common colors used for this nail art.

Bring the hottest fashion on your fingertips this season with these funky nail arts. Get ready for the magic of manicure and feel free to talk to us in reference to any query.


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