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7 Common Nail Polish Mistakes To Avoid


7 Common Nail Polish Mistakes To Avoid

Most women have faced issues while polishing their own nails because it is not always an easy attempt. One doesn't need to be a professional to do a good job painting your their nails but avoiding some common nail paint or polish mistakes can be helpful. Mistakes like using old nail polish to polishing your nails right before from going to bed.

Everyone makes mistakes. The important thing is how we learn from these mistakes, right? Here is a list of few common mistakes summarised for you when it comes to polishing your nails.

1. Taking a hot shower after applying a Nail polish

You should never take a shower right after you apply nail polish. Don't even take a cold shower after a manicure because your nail polish needs time to settle. However a hot shower is even worse, as the hot steam can cause your polish to smudge and bubble. You should at least wait for one full hour before you shower after applying nail polish or manicure.

2. Filing mistake

Attractive and beautiful nails begin with a great and healthy canvas to work with. It simpler words, this means you should properly trim and file your nails before you initiate a manicure or apply nail paint. Always file your nails only in one direction to prevent splitting instead filing them back and forth. This technique (before manicure or applying nail paint) also prevents polish from breaking off in large parts.

3. Skipping the Top Coat

Never skip the top coat nail paint. Skipping the top coat will not only reduce the lifespan of the manicure but it will also cut down the shininess factor that can be attractive about a manicure. Professionals says that applying an extra layer of top coat everyday can enhance the longevity of your manicure.

4. Ditching a Base Coat

Just like skipping the Top coat, another such strategy for saving a little money and time, switching the basecoat will also give the bad looking nails. Nails have natural oils which needs polish. A base coat builds a foundation for nail polish just like primer works before painting a wall. By applying a base coat your nail polish will stay for longer time.

5. Shaking the Nail Polish Bottle

When you shake your nail polish bottle, especially if it is partially full, many air bubbles are created that easily gets trapped in the nail color. It can ruin your nail polish by creating small spots that cause peeling and chipping. Avoid shaking your polish bottle instead roll the bottle across your palm.

6. Using Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Avoid using a nail paint remover high in acetone. Nail paint remover with high acetone can dehydrate your nails and damages your cuticles and nails. White spots, breakage and Triggering brittle nails. Instead use a remover that is acetone free and make your smile.

7. Using Old Nail Polish

Avoid using old Nail Polish because with time it tends to get more stringy and thicken and can damage your nails. Professionals says nail Polish won't lasts 12 months So, you should replace your nail polish every year.

Like any other fashion accessory, Nail Polish also enhance your looks. So avoid repeating the above mentioned Nail Polish mistakes. Shop from Gel Nails. Com and get best deals for IBD Nail polish and other nails and skin care products.


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