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7 Types Of Nail Art Brushes


7 Types Of Nail Art Brushes

Nail art is the ultimate love of almost every woman in the 21st century, it is used majorly for the purpose of creation of beautiful designs and creatives. If you are a nail art person and make use of cnd nail polishes then this is the ideal blog for you. Mentioned below are some of the major types of nail art brushes.

1. Striper/Liner Brushes

Striping or creation of long lines on the nails is a major fashion trend these days and it is maintained in the best possible way by using the striper or the liner brushes. These brushes are ideal for making animal patterns on your nails like that of tiger, cheetah or the zebra print. These brushes help in creating straight lines without much of a hassle. A kit of striper or the liner brushes are available in the market possessing 3 different brushes.

2. Angled Brush

Angled type of brushes are majorly used for the purpose of creation of nail art flowers on the nails. This is ideal for all the one stroke kind of nail arts that are much in trend these days. As these brushes contain angled bristles, it gets easy to double the load of two different colors in this particular type of brush.

3. Detailing Brush

As the name suggests, this particular type of brush is used for the purpose of proper detailing. It has a very high amount of precision rate and it therefore, helps in adding detailed designs and effects on the nail. If you are a person who is a great fan of nail arts and nail designs then this brush is a must have in your nail art kit stash.

4. Dotter

As it is quite evident from the name, the dotter pen is used for the purpose of adding dots and other related patterns on the nails. This nail art brush is designed in such a way that it has a small headed tip which helps in creating the dotted effect on the nails. It is also an ideal type of nail nail art brush that helps in precise polka dot patterned nail art.

5. Round Brush

The most common of all types of nail art brushes is the round brush that serves multiple purposes for different people. This particular type of nail art brush is used for the purpose of creating intricate designs on the nails. This type of nail art brush can even create 3D nail art with the help of monomer and acrylic powder.

6. Flat Brush

The flat brush is often also called as the shader brush. Long fluid strokes can be be made easier with the help of flat brushes. There are numerous one stroke patterns that are made only with the help of flat brush. Shading and blending is yet another way of making your nail absolutely jaw dropping and both of these nail art techniques can be done with the help of flat brushes.

7. Fan Brush

The maximum number of functions in nail art technique is played by the fan brush. Be it shading, creating swirls, or sprinkling of glitter on the nails, almost everything can be done with the help of the super sleek fan brush. It is often used for the purpose of creation of beautiful stroke effects and for the purpose of removal of excess of glitter or the flocking powder.

Taking proper care of the nails is an important factor and nail art is yet another factor that helps in making your nails look the best. Some of the major types of nail art brushes that work the best with cnd nail polishes are mentioned in the above section of the blog. In order to experience some of the best gel nail polishes and nail art kits visiting gel nails is the best option.


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