Cuticle Oil Apricot Essie

Cuticle Oil Apricot Essie 15 ml /.5 Fl oz

Essie Cuticle Oil Apricot


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Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil

Size: Cuticle Oil Apricot Essie 15 ml /.5 Fl oz

Treats: rehydrates and revitalizes cuticles.

Use: massage onto nails and cuticles two times a day for maximum results.

Key Ingredients: Cotton Seed Oil. Vitamin A. Vitamin E.

Product Information

This soothing massage oil seals in moisture and hydrates cuticles and nails. Natural oils seel in moisture, providing maximum nourishment. Or apply to overgrown cuticles to soften for easy removal.

Essie Cuticle Oil Apricot