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DIY Gel Nails at home


DIY Gel Nails at home

Gel nails take the entire beauty of manicure to the next level. Their popularity is also based on the factor that it is way more durable than a regular manicure. The only limitation is that they cost you anything between $25-120 depending on the salon and area. Also, nobody got time to go out and spend time and money to get a manicure done (except for special occasions, of course!). Now you can sit down in your room with Netflix and get your beautiful gel nails while saving a lot of moolah at the same time. What else anybody can ask for? Right! So let’s dive directly into the process which will give you beautiful drool worthy nails.

First of all you will need essential supplies. Some of these might be an investment initially but it will be a budget friendly decision in the longer run. It will cost significantly lower than visiting the salon every month. Since all the bottles, tools and long procedure might be daunting initially, it is recommended to go for UV gel nail kit as a beginner. It will cut a lot of cost and will make the entire process way easier. It contains almost all the items required for DIY gel nails except the nail polish.



Prep your nails by washing your hands thoroughly and drying them completely. You don’t need to soak your nails as done in traditional manicure. Next you need to clip, file and buff the nails. Push back the cuticles very carefully. Next pour the gel cleanser on a cotton pad and and wipe down each nail. Buffing and dehydrating the nail surface is the key to give you long lasting gel manicure. So make sure that you do it right.


  1. Prepare the nails by applying the nail primer and let it dry.
  2. Apply an extremely thin layer of nail primer. Next put the hand in the UV lamp and set it for 30 seconds. It is recommended to do your first four nails first and do both the thumbs at last.
  3. Once you have cured the base coat on all the nails, apply the first coat of your nail paint. Again, cure the nails in UV lamp again just like the step 2. If you want to get a lighter shade then do it for 30 seconds, keep it longer (a minute) If you want to get a darker shade.
  4. Apply a second coat of nail paint and cure nails same as before.
  5. Apply the top coat to the nails and cure for 30 seconds.
  6. Rub a small amount of cleanser to remove any sort of tacky layer.
  7. As a final step, finish your DIY gel nails with a little bit of cuticle oil massage .

Keep in mind

  • Doing the gel nails yourself might not be as perfect as you want. It takes time and patience to learn the art. In a couple of attempts you will learn from your own mistakes.
  • Initially your nails will chip easily because you were not as good as a professional but you must remember that with the right tools and some practice you will achieve your desired result in very few attempts.
  • Gel Nails make your nails weak but mostly because of the removal process. Make sure to remove them carefully and do not scrap them aggressively.
  • Since gel nails do not budge for 2-3 weeks, it is the best option for a vacation, wedding or prom. These nails would not chip for weeks and you will love them all the time.

If you are wondering which nail kit to choose you must visit https://www.gel-nails.com/ to get a variety of nail products to choose from.


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