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Four Top Benefits Of Shellac Manicure


Do you feel like flaunting long, properly manicured painted nails? Do not worry about how to get those. In today’s world, nothing is impossible.

In the field of manicure too the Creative Nail Design (CND) has brought a revolution by introducing a whole new kind of nail polish, which was unknown till this decade. Shellac nail polish are basically a mixed breed of common nail polish and gel. The best thing about these is the nails needs no filing and lasts on the nails for about 14 days, without chipping off. The drying process is also unique.
It is done by placing the fingers under UV lights.

A Few Benefits Of Using Shellac Nail Polish

Nail polishes are a woman's best friend. Women match their nail paints with outfits and love flaunting the latest trendy manicured hands in style, when out in public. There are a few benefits that can be reaped if you are planning to go for shellac nail polish.

  • It gives a shiny mirror smooth finish to your nails and stays intact on the nails for about 14 days and in some cases even more, without chipping or fading away. So, if you are looking for a manicure that will stay on your hands for long, look for no other than shellacs. These are a girl's best companion in the context of fashion.

  • Shellacs provide strength to the nails, as compared to the regular nail polish. It can very well strengthen thin layers of the nails. Isn't it a good reason to go for shellacs? If you have very thin nails, what are you waiting for? Go and get a shellac manicure done.

  • Are you among those ladies who absolutely hate to wait or in other words have no patience to wait for the nail polish to get dry? If yes, then shellacs may be the option that you would love to try. Unlike, regular nail polish which dries naturally, shellacs are dried under UV rays, which means it dries completely in no time and gives you the freedom to use your hands as you like.

  • Unlike acrylic nails, it hurts less and are healthier for that matter.

A Few Tips before starting the Manicure Process

It is not always necessary to spend loads of money at the salons to get the trendy look. Since, CND shellac manicure is costlier than the regular one, you can alternately try doing it at home. But you have to first prepare the nails before applying the polish.

  • Clean your hands and file your nails properly. Remember square shaped nails are less prone to breakage.
  • Push your cuticles back. Try not to nip it as it will end up dry and rough.
  • Base coats are essential for a good manicure. They will act as the layer between the coloured nail polish and your nail. This will prevent the nail from absorbing the nail colour.
  • Also, remember that if you have fungal infection in your nail bed, do not go for shellac manicure.

So, what are you waiting for? CND Shellac manicure is the hottest trend that people are adhering to. The shellac nail polish coating is quite durable and properly protects the breakage prone nails from the harmful impact of external factors such as detergents or soil while gardening or any other mechanical or chemical damage.

The best part is there are quite a good variant of colours available and you can choose from a lot of options. Wait no more, go to the salon or buy the manicure kits and try it at home . Get a CND shellac manicure today!


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