Gelish - Soak Off Gel Polish

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Gel manicures are the perhaps the best manicures—the gel polish is specifically designed to look glossy and vibrant, and the polish doesn’t chip like regular nail polish. At Gel-Nail, we sell Gelish nail gel polish to give you a range of options so you can create the perfect manicure.

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The Best Polish

Only you know what your ideal manicure should look like. You have your preferred colors, designs, and overall look, so don’t settle for just any brand of polish—we have exactly what you want and need.

We have a range of colors, from different shades of pink, red, and blue to just about anything you can think of. And, this nail polish is a soak-off gel polish, making removal easy and convenient.

Take a look at all of the Gelish polishes and choose any colors you like.