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How Often Should You Moisturize Your Face?


Keeping up with your daily skincare routine is an important part of staying healthy—but exactly how often should you moisturize your face? 

It’s recommended by most skincare professionals to moisturize your face not just once, but twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night should keep your skin feeling soft and hydrated throughout the day. 

Youthful skin is a secret desire of all women. They spend a lot of time taking care of their face so that they look beautiful. You are also not an exception. But, did you know the hands are the first part of the body that starts showing the signs of aging? Often we forget to apply hand and body lotion and only take the necessary care of our face. You need to alter your habits and start making a routine of applying hand and body lotion regularly.

How Often Should You Moisturize Your Face

Here are the 7 advantages of lotion that you can reap by following this routine.

1. To hydrate dry skin

No matter in which climate you dwell, whether dry or windy or hot, your skin will always feel dry and irritated. Skin which is exposed to chemicals or water requires more care and hence moisturizing them with lotion becomes crucial. You may have noticed that after doing household work which requires water like washing clothes or dishes and cleaning, your hand feels dry. To evade this dryness and keep your hands and body hydrated in the winter and even in summer, you need to apply moisturizer.

2. Addresses the rough spots on your body

No matter whether the skin is dry or oily, many people have rough skin on certain areas particularly the elbows and the knees. By applying body lotion daily to these areas can make your skin soft and supple.

3. A relaxing feel

Imagine a situation when you are in a public place and you need to scratch your hands or back really bad! Embarrassing right? This itchiness happens due to dry skin. The best solution is to apply hand and body lotion two times a day and you can relax when outdoors.

4. Smells good

Most of the lotions come with an amazing fragrance. Applying these all over your body can make you feel good due to its smell.

5. Makes the skin glow

Regular application of hand and body lotion can make your skin glow. It removes the dull and dead flakes from the skin and rejuvenates the underlying tissues to bring the glow in your skin.

6. Makes the skin softer

If you regularly apply body lotion, you will yourself see the difference- the skin will become softer like your face. Hand creams also make the cuticles of the hands softer which makes it easier to be removed during manicure. Soft glowing hands and a well toned soft body are what a girl longs for after all!

7. Anti-aging factor

Hand creams and body lotions have the capacity to alter the formation of wrinkles. Many such lotions consist of anti-aging components like Keratin which is essential to retain the skin’s youthful state. The lotions also contain components which are necessary for collagen growth. Hence, to encourage the cells to turn over quickly and maintain the fresh, healthy and youthful look, you should apply body lotion daily to your skin.

Can you use Body Lotion on your Face?

While it would be quite convenient to be able to use your body lotion on your face, body lotions should never be applied to your face. They are quite a bit thicker than face lotion, and could contain fragrances that can cause irritation. When it comes to moisturizing your face, you should always use products that are more delicate, gentle, and designed for the face. 

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The skin is an important part of the body and you should take proper care of it to avoid any serious skin conditions. Though there are a number of body lotions available in the market, you should choose the quality products from trusted brands only. At Gel Nails, our OPI Avojuice hand and body lotion will surely make your skin soft and supple. We also have some of the coolest collections of CND gel nail polishes. Browse our skincare products to have a look at the collection and to witness the benefits of body lotion, start applying it regularly and know them yourself!


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