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Laquee Rette Easy Off UV Builder Clear Gel 1oz. (28g)

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Product Description:

Great new way to enhance your nails!

Easy Off (Soak Off) Builder Gel is a very thin gel overlay used to strengthen the natural nails. This gel has good adhesion and flexibility. Easy Off Gel (soak off) can be soaked off in acetone for easy removal with minimal damage to the natural nail plate.

Perfect for clients who want to enhance their nails and easy remove it when they want it!

Simple, beautiful, Fast!

Instructions for Use:

(below is just a quick instruction, you have to know what you do when applying/using gel nails, for professionals only!)

Using a gel brush, apply a thin, even layer of the Easy Off Gel starting at the cuticle and

extending toward the tip of the nail. Cover entire nail bed being careful to avoid running

the gel into the cuticle area.

Cure it under UV light for 2-3 minutes. If desired, repeat gel application for

additional strength. When finished, remove the sticky layer with wiping solution.

Removing instructions:

Soak nails in acrylic remover. Every 4 –5 minutes remove fingers and file

dissolved gel off the surface, be careful not to file the natural nail. Repeat

soaking until gel is completely removed.


Remove as instructed: prying gels off of the natural nails can result in nail damage.


IBD Soak Off Builder Gel

High Quality Affordable Price Made in USA