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The latest Trend For Nails: Soak Off Gel Nail Polish


Do you like experimenting and playing around with new cosmetic types? Does the new shape, color and textures of cosmetic bottles excite you? Well then you should definitely try the new range of amazingly creative and beautiful Soak Off Gel Nail Polish.

Popularly known as “soft” gel nails, the soak off gel nail colors can give your nails an amazing shine, chipless look in each layer. A “curer” having UV Light is used to get such fabulous shine on your nails.

Is Soak off similar to buff off Gel polish?

Both of these nail colors are a little different from each other particularly on the basis of the process of their removal. The buff-off nail colors are “hard” enhancements. These need to be removed b buffing them. Soak off nail colors on the other hand can be easily removed b soaking in an acetone.

Wondering why should you pick Soak Off gel Nail colors? Get your answers here.

1. Long Stay

Soak off nails allows you to enjoy a good 2-3 weeks of fabulous nail color. You can enjoy a chip free and stunning nail color for about three weeks and show it off as if it was just done. The shine and texture of these nail colors is quite promising.

2. Paint it in natural nails

Although it is possible to apply a soak off gel nail color on artificial nails but you will not have to necessarily apply those artificial nails in order to use soak off nail colors. It can give a similar stunning look on your nails at your home like the ones you get in salons.

3. Easy and quick dry

As the soak off gel nail colors uses a UV light, you can dry your nail colors in just few minutes. This is why you don't have to worry about those irritating dents, chips and smudges that you face while trying to dry your nails.

4. Safer than others

The soak-off gel nail colors are much safer than most of the others as these do not require extra fillings, damages or painful treatments.

5. Convenient to use

Keeping the same nail paint for a long time can be boring. But those harsh nail treatments does not allow you to keep changing the nail colors every now and then. Soak off gel nail colors are a saviour. This easy to apply and remove gel nail colors allow you to play with nail shades whenever you wish to. Change nail colors whenever you feel like at the convenience of your home.

Excited about this new product? You can get soak-off gel nail colors from the best of brands at Gel-nails. We believe in delivering quality to our clients to keep them stylish and trendy, always.


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