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4 Must-Follow Tips For Summer Nail Care


If you’re planning a beach vacation anytime soon, then summer nail care should be a top priority! It will definitely be a time for relaxation, free from the rush of your regular life. But there are few things that you should not forget to make sure you have beautiful and strong vacation nails. 

Follow these easy to perform nail care methods to protect your nails from beach side effects. The added advantage is that these treatments will make your hands look absolutely amazing, toned and perfect for the beach look.

1. Treat your beach vacation nails with manicures and pedicures

Before moving out of the city, give your beach vacation nails a nice nourishment with a complete manicure and pedicure. You can easily find the complete set online. Manicure and pedicure sets help you to clean your nails and give them the required nourishment. Look for good brands like OPI, CND, Essie to get the perfect look on your nails.

2. Use only top quality nail polish and nail strengtheners 

Make sure you choose a polish that is formulated to withstand cracking and peeling. For example, OPI Nail Envy Wheat Protein and Calcium is designed with wheat protein and calcium so you don’t have to worry about splitting nails. Plus, select a cool and calm color like Envy Samoan Sand for a trendy look. 

If you have thin, brittle nails then you can opt in for something like OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener. The strengthener will keep your nails nourished and strong. OPI has an extensive range of nail strengthening products, so you can pick your favorite to be beach ready.

Summer Nail Care    Summer Nail Care

3. Keep the cuticles happy

The sand and salty sea can really dry your nail beds. This can further lead to splitting or bleeding cuticles. Carrying your cuticle oil/ moisturizer is always a good idea when you are traveling to the beaches. CND solar cuticle oil helps you keep the cuticles moisturized even in the harsh weather. The perfectly blended jojoba oils and Vitamin E helps in deep protection and penetration of the nails and the skin.

Beach Vacation Nails

4. Keeping the hands soft

Water and sand are harsh on the skin too. Your hands and feet are the body parts which can be the most affected by this. Make sure you carry an effective hand and feet lotion with you. OPI AVOPLEX High-Intensity hand and nail cream can be a good option. As the cream contains advanced Avocado Lipid Complex from OPI, it surely can help you treat those dry hands effectively.

Beach Nail Ideas

Visit us at Gel-Nails and you can choose from the fabulous variety of nail and skin care products that we have for you. Get your favorite brands and the products all at one store at amazingly affordable prices.

New Beach Nail Ideas and Looks 

A vacation is all about the experience, and your nail color plays a small part in setting your mood for the trip. It’s important to pick a shade that suits both the activities as well as your personality. Here are some beach nail ideas for your sunny and sandy getaway! 

Classic Looks

  • Black and white: Classy, timeless colors that are great on their own or paired together.
  • Fiery Red: Another classic color that is perfect for any season, but especially the beach. 
  • Any shade of blue: We’re talking about the beach, so of course blue is perfect!

Bold Looks

  • Pastel Rainbow: The beach means tropical vibes, so why not incorporate a tropical mix of pastels for your nails? 
  • Neon: Neon is so much fun, especially if you’re planning to party late at night on the beach! Darker skin tones should opt in for greens, blues, and yellows. Fairer skin tones go for pinks and purples. 
  • Graphic art: If you’re really looking to wow at the beach, try something new and get a quote or message that will get people talking.

To help you with all your nail care needs, be sure to browse our selection, and please contact us today with any questions you may have. 


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