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What is PolyGel—and How Does It Work?


What is PolyGel

You may have heard of PolyGel from Gelish, but what is PolyGel, and how does it work?

PolyGel is an all-in-one system that combines the best of acrylic and gel polish for a durable finish that’s lighter on the nails than acrylic enhancements and even more chip-proof than hard gels. It can be applied as either an overlay to natural nails or as a nail enhancement, providing a lot of flexibility in how it’s used.

One of the major advantages of PolyGel—aside from it being long-lasting and effective—is that it has a much lower odor than its acrylic and gel counterparts, due to being free of scent-heavy monomers. This is a lot more comfortable for both nail tech and client, and means that no odorous dust particles are being released into the air. It also means that techs can take on more ambitious requests than they might with acrylics, since there is no worry about ongoing exposure to monomers.

How a PolyGel Nail Kit Works

A PolyGel nail kit works pretty much the same as a gel nail kit, with a foundational coat and top coat, as well as lots of color options. And just like traditional gels, PolyGel is cured under a UV light for a shiny finish.

A full set of PolyGel nails will take about 45 minutes to just over an hour to complete, which is comparable to a gel manicure and about half the time it takes to get a set of acrylics properly applied.

How Long Do PolyGel Nails Last?

PolyGel nails can last as long as three weeks if applied and set properly, which is longer than the two weeks most people get out of gel nails. Often, clients choose to get maintenance to maintain their PolyGel nails instead of having to start from scratch with a new manicure. This entails adding a new gel polish layer on top of the existing PolyGel nail enhancement.

How to Remove PolyGel Nails

PolyGel must be buffed off the nail, instead of soaked. Any remaining polish that’s left after buffing can be soaked off, but nail technicians are advised to leave a 10% layer of PolyGel to protect the natural nail bed before reapplication. So long as it is applied and removed properly however, PolyGel will not cause any damage to the nail.

Where to Buy PolyGel

Wondering where to buy PolyGel? We’ve got you covered! At Gel-Nails.com, we offer an extensive selection of Gelish PolyGel products, including a wide variety of shades and complete PolyGel nail kits. Get everything that you need to bring PolyGel manicures to life, including the industry’s best prices on UV LED lamps.

Get the best of both worlds, with a nail polish system that sets like a gel while offering the flexibility and staying power of an acrylic. Gelish PolyGel nails are becoming an increasingly popular option in nail salons and spas around the globe, and there are endless ways to get innovative with the looks that you create.

Shop Gel-Nails.com today for affordable pricing and fast and reliable shipping on leading products from the industry’s top brands, including Gelish, OPI, Essie, CND, and many more. We’re fully stocked with the latest nail polish collections and manicure and pedicure technology, and we’re always looking for exciting new products to add to our inventory.

PolyGel sets fast and lasts for up to three weeks, with no odor and no discomfort. It’s also easy to maintain, with lots of options for switching out colors and styles. Try Gelish PolyGel and discover a new way to give a great mani/pedi! 


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