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What Is So Cool About Essie Gel Nail Polish


Essie gel nail polish is the all new spanking nail polish brand. It features a sparkling new swirl bottle and a paddle brush with a twirly stem. This nail polish contains pigments that are especially designed and formulated to avoid the staining. People can make use of base coats for more assurance or if they have porous nails, especially for deeper and darker shades. Essie nail polish gives you the perfection and luscious wear for 14 weeks. But it also depends upon the type of nails you have and how much work through, it gets.

Essie gel nail polish is a two way system to get the shiny and luxurious after nails. The first step is the base plus the color means a bold, strong and lust worthy color. The second step being a crazy impeccable shine on the top to make it luscious.

There are lot of feature and factors that attracts the mass towards these all so hot and new gel nail polish which are described below-:

  • There is a wide variety of colors collection by Essie gel nail polish that are hot, shiny and irresistible. The shades ranges from sheer nude pink, baby cashmere blue with satiny feel, pearlized nude greige to plush taupe. It also have amazing and delicate shades of pink in cream caramel rose, graceful sheer pink, creamy apricot pink and lady pink to serve different needs of individuals.

It has some different and unique shades such as enchanting pewter with lustre of sage, dreamy grey moss, orchid creme and satin mint for people with interesting and eclectic tastes.

  • The number of shades available in essie gel nail polish are around 100. You can now search your favourite shades quite easily which used to be a daunting task with little rate of success. All of the regular nail polish of ours have renamed to match the essie nail polishes which we know and love. So, now you can have fun with varying and extreme shades.

  • The essie gel nail polish is LED compatible. They have even specialised lamps for these nail polish to provide you the perfect look. The lamp have 5 finger curing for fast and comfortable process of drying your nail paint.

  • Essie gel setter make use of a popular formula in their top coat that contains pigments. The color pigments makes your gel nail polish more shiny and creates a unique glow to your nails.

  • Essie also have 3d pop tints pigments in their gel nail polish color. This helps in making your nail paint shiny along with creating a 3d dimension of sorts. These 3d pop tints offers you with a whole new and unusual way to play with your nail polish.

  • Essie gel nail polish provides you with longevity. It gives you a perfect and luscious painted nails for two weeks which relieves us with the ugly and uncomfortable feeling of chipped nail paint. All in all it will last long for 14 days on your nails without lifting.

  • There is no need of base coat before applying essie gel nail polish as it provides you the protective stream and luscious look itself.

  • The top coat of this nail polish is shatterproof and dries really quickly as it is made up of hard shell technology that extends any wear. It also protects the color while magnifying the shine.

  • Essie Gel polish is a great alternative for the manicures. Manicures are costly and time consuming process which gifts us with amazing nails to show off. Essie can help you out in the best way possible as you can cheat the manicure with the essie gel setter, a top coat, which gives your nails a shiny and amazing look.

So, Essie Gel nail polish is a new coming that serves your nails in the best manner with amazing and shiny look along with long lasting color.


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