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Why You Should Groom Your Nails Regularly


Why You Should Groom Your Nails Regularly

Nails are made of layers of protein which is called keratin. They are made of dead cells just like your hair. We are always concerned about how our nails look but their hygiene and grooming is equally important. Nails protect your fingers and toes. Sometimes, the hygiene of the nails determine your health. Therefore, they are an essential part of the body and worth caring for.

Nails grow 1mm per week on an average. Taking good care of them and maintaining their cleanliness is an issue of concern. Nails can represent the overall hygiene of a person. Proper nail care goes beyond nail extensions and manicures. In order to remove harmful germs and bacteria from nails, an organised nail care routine is preferable. Firstly one needs to know the harmful effect it can cause. Once we know the consequences it is easier to take precautions accordingly. Let’s see what are the major problems that an unhealthy nail care routine leads to:

* Bacterial infection can enter the skin through the damaged areas of nails. This can happen because of finger sucking, nail biting or chemical solvents or irritants.

* Ingrown toenails can grow around the skin of toenail. This can lead to redness, pain or swelling.

* Vertical ridges are the tiny white lines which runs across the cuticle. It is relatively common and increases with age. This infection may be a sign of serious health problems like heart attack, lung cancer or poor nutrition.

* Brittle or weak nails mostly occurs with age. Brittle nails in the combination with hairfall, pale skin or weight loss can be sign of weak nutrition.

The diet of an individual plays a vital role in the nail care routine. Consumption of ideal amount of fruits, vegetables, minerals and vitamins is advisable in order to avoid the above infections. However, there are plenty of procedures that should be included in the weekly nail care regime.

1. Fingernail and Toenail Cleansing

Nails can be easily trapped into germs as they are exposed most of the time. Soaking the hands and toes into lukewarm soapy water can be extremely beneficial in keeping nails clean. Nails can be gently scrubbed with a nail brush. The use of hand and nail product or moisturizer protects the skin and keep nails hydrated.

2. Regular trimming

The fingernail and toenails should be trimmed weekly or twice a week. Soak the nails into lukewarm water before trimming in order to soften them. A moisturizer is must to avoid breaking or cracking of nails. Buff your nails to keep them shiny and trim the harsh edges with a nail filer.

3. Manicuring and Pedicuring

The grooming of fingernails or toenails is called manicure or pedicure respectively. The procedure depends upon the individual if they want it from salon or home. There are variety of manicures and pedicures available. It is the perfect way to improve nail health. Most experts recommend to push the cuticle back in order to avoid infection.

Nail related problems may occur to anyone but they are easily prevented with the following steps. A healthy nail care routine leads to a healthier lifestyle and overall well-being. Ensure to maintain these personal hygiene methods and feel free to talk to us regarding any further query.


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