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3 Reasons That You Must have A Gel Nail Kit At Home


3 Reasons That You Must have A Gel Nail Kit At Home

Gel nails are hitting the fashion charts with its new yet popular designs and colors. Application of these nail paints is way too easy when compared to acrylic nails and this is the reasons gel nail kits have now become a favorite of many fashion lovers.

Gel nail kits becomes absolutely necessary if you have a love for style and fashion. You are worth loving yourself, so do everything that makes you look happier and prettier 24*7.

Here are 3 Reasons that makes Gel nail Kits the coolest thing that you must have at your home.

1.Gel Nail give you a smashing look

The usual nail paints get chipped in just a day or two. They give a shabby look to your hands and that may result in a complete turn off to your entire look. On the other hand, the composition of gel nails promises a shiny and chip free look which lasts even more than two weeks. Surely this is unbelievable but girls, you got to pinch yourself and believe that this is the reality. Get set for a long lasting and gorgeous look on your fingers with the massive range of color and design options available in gel nails.

2. Gel Nails can be removed at home

Although, most of the local nail art kits come with an easy application but the procedure of removal can be time and money consuming. To add to your happiness, the big news is that Gel nails can be removed very conveniently and safely at your home. What you save is the money and time otherwise wasted on those expensive salons.

Be careful of the procedure of gel nail color removal and you can do it all by yourself having the fabulous gel nail kit. Make sure you use an 100% acetone or a gel nail remover.

The steps for removal are:

  1. Soak the acetone or gel remover in a cotton ball.
  2. Place these balls on the top of your finger and cover these with a foil.
  3. Wrap a towel on your hands and wait for 15-60 mins (depending on your gel nail coats/ products)
  4. Take off the gel nail coats with a rubber ended cuticle pusher.
  5. Use cuticle oil and nail moisturizer to keep your nail beds hydrated.

Isn't it simple, Easy and absolutely worth your consideration.

3. Gel Nails are safer than most of the others

Most of the local or harsh nail enamels can cause damages to your nail beds. They thick layer and multiple coats can be very harmful for your nails.

Gel nails make sure that you get the products of only good quality and that do not affect your nail beds. The UV bulbs used in Gel nail colors have a wavelength that least affects your skin and nails. This has been proved by various scientific studies and tests at Massachusetts General Hospital and more.

Looking fashionable and trendy all the time is not difficult if you have a Gel Nail Kit available at home. Make each party special by looking extraordinary.

To get a massive range of Gel Nail kit products, visit our official website here.

Gorgeous hands are just a few clicks away!


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