Popular Nail Polish Colors That Are Trending In 2018


Popular Nail Polish Colors That Are Trending In 2018

Collecting multiple shades of nail lacquer is almost every girl’s desire and why not? These trendy and elegant shades not only bring joy but also makes you more confident whilst interacting in any social gathering. Nail lacquers plays important role to give your look a great finish and all-put-together. Gel-Nails keeps on introducing new shades for its customers to make them them feel happy and important.

There are enormous nail polish shades you would love to own but some of them never go out of trend and will always be in your priority list. Here are some of the nail polish shades you would love to apply on your nail and give a trendy makeover:

DIY Gel Nails at home


DIY Gel Nails at home

Gel nails take the entire beauty of manicure to the next level. Their popularity is also based on the factor that it is way more durable than a regular manicure. The only limitation is that they cost you anything between $25-120 depending on the salon and area. Also, nobody got time to go out and spend time and money to get a manicure done (except for special occasions, of course!). Now you can sit down in your room with Netflix and get your beautiful gel nails while saving a lot of moolah at the same time. What else anybody can ask for? Right! So let’s dive directly into the process which will give you beautiful drool worthy nails.

7 Types Of Nail Art Brushes


7 Types Of Nail Art Brushes

Nail art is the ultimate love of almost every woman in the 21st century, it is used majorly for the purpose of creation of beautiful designs and creatives. If you are a nail art person and make use of cnd nail polishes then this is the ideal blog for you. Mentioned below are some of the major types of nail art brushes.

1. Striper/Liner Brushes

Striping or creation of long lines on the nails is a major fashion trend these days and it is maintained in the best possible way by using the striper or the liner brushes. These brushes are ideal for making animal patterns on your nails like that of tiger, cheetah or the zebra print. These brushes help in creating straight lines without much of a hassle. A kit of striper or the liner brushes are available in the market possessing 3 different brushes.

7 Major Manicure Mistakes We All Make


7 Major Manicure Mistakes We All Make

Manicure and pedicure are the must in the high pollution that we face everyday. It gets very essential to clean and beautify our hands and more specifically our nails. There are some of the major manicure mistakes that most of us have been committing since ages and some of them are mentioned in the next section.

1. Applying thick coats of nail paints

It is the usual habit of most of the individuals to apply two, three or even more coats of nail paints. Doing this will not only make the nail paint look untidy but it will also make you nail paint finish more vulnerable to smudges. In order to make you nail paint look tidy and clean very carefully apply just one master stroke.

4 benefits of UV gel nail paints


What are UV gel nail paints?

One of the best alternatives to nail paints is UV gel nail paints. These paints such as ibd nail polish have much durability of more than two to three weeks (and no chipping) upon proper application. In the recent years, UV gel nail paints have earned a lot of popularity among women. These are the first preferences first when it comes to manicure tips that last long considering the time constraints that clearly bothers all of us.

The UV gel nail polishes change from semi-liquid to solid state after they undergo a curing process. The paint may take several minutes to set on your nails when it is exposed to ultraviolet lamp. It is essential to understand and implement the right curing method, otherwise the gel nail paint will never set and harden.

3 Reasons Why We Love OPI


3 Reasons Why We Love OPI

OPI is queen of the crop when it comes to nail polish, and for good reason. The first OPI polish collection launched in 1989, a 30 shade assortment that became a fast favorite among professional nail artists and at-home beauty aficionados. Today, the brand continues to reign supreme, producing over 55 million bottles of polish every single year. There are always hundreds of OPI nail colors available, meaning you can achieve any look, mood, or style you’re going for, any time and every time.

Our love for OPI nail lacquer goes beyond just an appreciate for the brand’s longstanding history and shining reputation. Time after time, OPI has embraced creativity and brought new ideas, technologies, and standards to the beauty industry, setting the bar just a little bit higher for everyone else.

Right now, we’re especially digging two of OPI’s most recent collections: Infinite Shine and the new spring/summer 2018 Lisbon collection. Both encapsulate OPI’s commitment to not just quality polish but going bigger and bolder than the competition. And we can’t get enough of it. Here are three big reasons why we love them (and why you should too!).

1. Powerful, long-lasting wear. OPI gel polishes are designed to last. The OPI Infinite Shine collection is a professional three-step lacquer system that makes it as easy to apply a long-wear polish in your home as it is to get it done at a salon. The polishes in the OPI Infinite Shine collection (there are more than 150 of them) last for up to 11 days and don’t require light to cure. Just apply the primer, paint on the color of your choice, and cover it up with the glossy top coat. And voila! Almost two weeks of chip-free, ultra-shiny polish.

2. Shades on shades on shades. We’ve mentioned it already, but you really can’t talk about why OPI is so great without stressing just how many colorful polish options they have. A lot of polish companies skimp on their color options or make certain polishes available only in one formula. But OPI knows that people who love beauty also love options, and they make their many shades available in a variety of styles. The Lisbon Collection alone, which features 12 stunning hues, is available in Infinite Shine, gel, and regular nail lacquer.

3. Global inspirations. OPI’s new spring/summer 2018 Lisbon Collection is inspired by the capital of Portugal, also called the city of seven hills. It’s not just the shade names that are inspired by the city, but the shades themselves (and their associated hashtags), which are based on Lisbon’s food, art, fashion, and general vibrancy. Lisbon is known for its charm and eclectic street style, and OPI perfectly captures these nuances in their collection. It’s part of the brand’s more general dedication to not just taking inspiration from around the world, but truly celebrating the beauty and culture of unique locales.

OPI nail polishes are for the beauty lover who always wants the best. Shop OPI nail polish in bulk or by the bottle in our shop, and find the shades that help you express yourself boldly and smartly.

5 reasons to opt pastel nail colors this season


5 reasons to opt pastel nail colors this season

Pastel colors are now the trend setters in nail colors. They are becoming a viable alternative when it comes to making the daily manicure choices. But what makes them perfect for everyday makeover? We never fail to experiment when it comes to choosing the right manicure product. Acrylic nail products are the choice of nail geniuses who are unbeatable at manicure experimentation.

Here are a few reasons to why should you opt pastel nail colors this season and we are sure you will want to get your nails done by making a choice from hundreds of pastel shades after this.

7 Common Nail Polish Mistakes To Avoid


7 Common Nail Polish Mistakes To Avoid

Most women have faced issues while polishing their own nails because it is not always an easy attempt. One doesn't need to be a professional to do a good job painting your their nails but avoiding some common nail paint or polish mistakes can be helpful. Mistakes like using old nail polish to polishing your nails right before from going to bed.

Everyone makes mistakes. The important thing is how we learn from these mistakes, right? Here is a list of few common mistakes summarised for you when it comes to polishing your nails.

Vinylux nail paints: Answer to your weekly fashion perfection


Vinylux Nail Paints: Answer To Your Weekly Fashion Perfection

Are you a fan of nail paints? If a closet full of nail paints brings an instant smile on your face, then you are at the right place. There are so many brands out in the market which promise moons and stars on your nails, with the best quality nail paints, but how to be assured of all these claims? Now you can be, there is brand just for you if you are a nail polish fan. So have you heard of Vinylux nail paints yet, this is one product that will solve all your queries about “how to get the perfect nail polish look”. Want to know how it does that, read along.

1. Seven days stay formula

Vinylux nail polish is not just regular polishes, it comes with the self- adhering quality that makes it stick the nails without any base coat. Also, the top coat by Vinylux comes with a ProLight technology which makes it last as long as a week without any peeling or chapping. So now you do not have to go back every second or third day to apply another coat to keep the nail paint intact. Less is more with this one.

5 Winter inspired nail art designs that will get you noticed!


Winters are approaching and it is the grand time for Christmas and New Year Celebration. A time for holidays, family time and a time to flaunt your wardrobe and nails with inspiring and beautiful nail art designs using vinylux nail polish at Christmas Parties.

The colors used during Christmas is based on snow colors and the colours in vogue will be Red, White, Blue, Grey and Black. Buy these colours for your wardrobe and be ready to design your nails with beautiful arts.

7 Amazing Nail Care Tips for this winter


7 Amazing Nail Care Tips for this winter

Yes, winter is round the corner. Are you ready to have your favorite winter food? Sip a mug of hot coffee? Read your favourite novel in the cozy bed? Aww! These are some of our winter desires but what people hate most about winters? Skin dryness, do you know that not only your skin but your nails also need special care during winter? Besides the normal routine work: taking hot showers, using harsh removers sanitizers, washing dishes and clothes, the wind. the extreme cold and indoor heating can dry out your nails results in breaking of your nails, peel and chip.

These amazing nail care tips will definitely help you to get beautiful nails in a short span of time.

Why You Should Groom Your Nails Regularly


Why You Should Groom Your Nails Regularly

Nails are made of layers of protein which is called keratin. They are made of dead cells just like your hair. We are always concerned about how our nails look but their hygiene and grooming is equally important. Nails protect your fingers and toes. Sometimes, the hygiene of the nails determine your health. Therefore, they are an essential part of the body and worth caring for.

Apply These Trendy Nail Colors This Fall


Apply These Trendy Nail Colors This Fall

Fall is here! And we are ready for cosy sweater, cooler temperatures and warm boots. The best part about change in season is switching the monotonous nail colors. When it comes to grooming our nails, we are always looking for something innovative and new. Season of fall is the ideal for edgy and warm shades as far as the nail paint reign is concerned. We should be ready for fall with our list of nail polish shades in order to excel the nail game. Now is the time to update your manicure. The battle of colors has never been easy. However, there is no shortage of creativity in the fall season. With this collection of pigmented and chic nail colors have fun with your fingertips:

Metallic Mosaic

Metallic shade for the fingertips is like a multifaceted work of art. The chunky glitter and shimmery polish keeps the edgy look intact. These nail colors also reduces the chance of looking under dressed. You can start with a gold or silver base and then top the edges with clusters of glitter. Colors such as copper and bronze can also level up your nail game. The collage like effect on your tips will bring out your best self.

6 Funky Nail Arts To Glamorize Your Nails


6 Funky Nail Arts To Glamorize Your Nails

The meaning of manicures has been changed and transformed in last few years. Lately printed nails has become a symbol of grown-up elegance. Traditional manicures are also reformed in modern ways. Nail art game came as a dark horse in the fashion industry. Traditionally, nails have been for an epitome of class and a symbol of high profile fashion. However, currently nails express the individuality.

Nail business is always open to creativity and individuality. The designs on the nails is a piece of art. The new generation of young women are using nail art to express their fashion savvy and personality. The contemporary nail arts have turned the rules upside down. This business is rapidly becoming bigger and favorite of major section of women. The stereotyping of nail art is broken. Let us dive in the updated versions of nail game.

5 Easy Steps To Use UV Gel Nail Polish


Gel nail paints are much easier on nails than acrylic nail paint and more durable. Gel nails manicure is the best option for long lasting shiny nails. However, applying gel nails can be daunting task but it is easier than it seems. Once you try gel nails, there is no coming back as you will instantly fall in love with it. Gel nails will last long for more than 2 weeks without chipping. You only need some necessary products given below:

DIY: Turning Funky Ideas Into Amazing Nail Art


DIY: Turning Funky Ideas Into Amazing Nail Art

Nail art has become a craze now and almost every other girl you see will have nail art on their fingers. Nail art is not only a beauty statement, but a way in which you can show your creativity. If you love playing with colors and painting and experimenting with nails is your favourite time pass, why not give your funky ideas a formal shape?

Yes, you can turn your nails into a canvas of funky ideas. Below we have listed a few ideas that you can try!

1. Cartoon characters on your nails

Have a fascination towards cartoon characters? Why don’t you carry your favourite character on your nails? All you need is a yellow OPI Nail Lacquer and a nail art tool kit. On top of a transparent base coat, you can apply the yellow polish and use various colors according to your requirements. For example, you can create minions by using black,blue and white on the yellow base, or tweety, pikachu or Spongebob Squarepants! It’s your wish and your creativity can bring your favourite cartoon here onto your fingers.

A Brief History Of Nail Art


A Brief History Of Nail Art

Women have always loved to paint their nails, not only today, but from ancient times. History has shown us that beautifully manicured nails are a gift to women, which needs to be cared for. According to the famous Greek mythology, the first manicurist in the world is Eros, who had cut the nails of goddess Aphrodite.

Well, ladies this is just a mythology. But, you should have a knowledge of how manicure gained popularity. Here, we have come up with the brief history of nail art and how it evolved over time.

4 Unique Vintage Inspired Nail Art Ideas


4 Unique Vintage Inspired Nail Art Ideas

The hot trend this summer is vintage inspired nail arts with some soothing color combinations. The natural trends are big in this hot weather and simple nails will give you a more chic look. There are plenty of natural shades of color that you can make stand out with some killer accessories and floral patterns. Polka dots and stripes will also make some amazing expression.

You just can’t go wrong with vintage and with heat beating down on us, it never looked more chic. Cute shades of rose pink, yellow, serene blue and others are simply swoon worthy. A clean look with saturated pastels will give you the right combination of light and bright in this sultry summer weather.

So, are you ready to go vintage? Then, let’s get started with some unique and cool vintage inspired nail art ideas:

How To Get Yourself Beach Ready


How To Get Yourself Beach Ready

Planning for a beach vacation anytime soon? For sure it is going to be a time of relaxation, free from the rush of your regular life. But there are few things that you should not forget to consider when going out on such vacations.

Beaches can be an amazing adventure to set your soul free, but these also can be a little harsh on your skin or nails. Don’t worry! Nothing can stop you from exploring those beautiful places! We have got some amazing ideas to make your nails beach ready.

Follow these easy to perform nail care methods to protect your nails from the beach effects. The added advantage is that these treatment will make your hands look absolutely amazing, toned and perfect for the beach look.

7 Trendy OPI Color Paints To Try This Spring


7 Trendy OPI Color Paints To Try This Spring

The spring season brings a fresh warmth with it after the chilly days of winter. The beautiful weather, aromatic environment with the blooming of new flowers, everything is simply glorious. This is the time when you feel all relaxed and chilled out along with the nature. Another important thing of spring season is we go for brighter and lighter manicure shades.

Spring is all about excitement, fun and colors. So, go get your girlfriends, have a cocktail and let’s paint our nails some cool shades of OPI color paint and shine!

1. A Blend of Black and Gray

This spring give your nails a unique look with the mixture of black and gray shades. Two toned nails in black and gray gives off a cool and tough vibe. Do the lower half, closer to cuticle, with the black OPI paint and the other half with the gray.This blend will go well with the season by not being too loud but strong.

2. Shiny Red

Red rarely and it means rarely goes off trend or season. But you can definitely try out its different shades. A shiny and vibrant red OPI paint will look amazing this season and you can even pull it off with other colors. Make it more fun and cool with other colors from your OPI shellac nail kit.

6 Easy Tips To Strengthen Your Nails


6 Easy Tips To Strengthen Your Nails

Who does not wish for beautiful hands! Healthy and pretty nails are one of the most important factors in making your hands look what they are. Weak, ill shaped or yellow nails can give your hands a very pale look.

Wish to flaunt that new nail color on your beautiful hands? Here are 7 amazingly easy tips to help you strengthen your nails and give them a perfect look.

1. Make Sure Your Cuticles Are Always Moisturized

Regular work like cleaning, washing or staying in the air conditioner can dry your hands frequently. A good way to deal with this is to carry a hand cream always in your bag. Massage this cream/ lotion well on your cuticles to make your nails look stronger and more beautiful.

The CND Almond Soothing Cream is possibly the best way to deal with the problem of dry cuticles. This rich cream has a perfect blend of sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and shea butter that helps to deeply moisturize the cuticles.

Keep this cream handy and use it frequently to make sure your cuticles look well nourished.

Cool And Trendy Greens: 5 Shades Of Green Nail Polish You Can Wear In Any Season


5 Shades Of Green Nail Polish You Can Wear In Any Season

To be honest, when it comes to nail paints green is not the most popular color that women choose! Women go crazy over greens during St. Patrick's day and the rest of the year hardly greens find their way in a woman’s manicure.

But, here I must say that green is one of the trendiest color you can choose and it’s soothing too. An environment friendly color, green comes in various shades and the OPI nail colors offer a good range of options to choose from. Below are the shades of green you can wear all the year round and trust me, it will go with all your outfits!

1. Olive For Green

The Olive for Green nail lacquer is gaining popularity among the young generation due to its lasting nature and the vibrant look that it offers. You can team it up with any kind of outfit and flaunt your manicured nails. Whether attending a party or going for work, olive green nails will suit all the places and all the seasons.

7 Advantages Of Using Hand And Body Lotion


7 Advantages Of Using Hand And Body Lotion

Youthful skin is a secret desire of all women. They spend a lot of time to take care of their face so that they look beautiful. You are also not an exception. But, did you know the hands are the first part of the body that starts showing the signs of aging? Often we forget to apply hand and body lotion and only take the necessary care of our face. You need to alter your this habit and start making a routine of applying hand and body lotion regularly.

Here are the advantages that you can reap by following this routine.

Find the Best Polish for Your Skin Tone


Gel polish seems to be the new craze for women everywhere. It is mainly used to lengthen nails, or to provide a stronger top coat than regular nail polish. While gel polish can come in different colors, it mostly comes in clear or nude colors. It can be difficult to find a natural-colored gel polish that goes well with your skin tone. Essie gel nail polish comes in a variety of colors, and they even categorize each collection, making it a lot easier to find the best polish for your skin tone.

How To Choose The Right Waxing Kit


Hair do accentuate your beauty when they are beautifully managed and yes, here we are talking about the hair on your head. What about the hair on your body? Naturally, we tend to get hair growth on various parts of our body and the growth varies from individual to individual. The genetic structure plays a big role here.

Waxing is not a new concept in the market and it has been performed since years. People are quite satisfied with the technique since it is fast and skin friendly too. The unwanted hair on the body get removed but opting wrong waxing methods may give you hard time. Yes, we have met several clients that haven't had great experience in waxing. Choosing right waxing kit becomes vital here.

The latest Trend For Nails: Soak Off Gel Nail Polish


Do you like experimenting and playing around with new cosmetic types? Does the new shape, color and textures of cosmetic bottles excite you? Well then you should definitely try the new range of amazingly creative and beautiful Soak Off Gel Nail Polish.

Popularly known as “soft” gel nails, the soak off gel nail colors can give your nails an amazing shine, chipless look in each layer. A “curer” having UV Light is used to get such fabulous shine on your nails.

What Is So Cool About Essie Gel Nail Polish


Essie gel nail polish is the all new spanking nail polish brand. It features a sparkling new swirl bottle and a paddle brush with a twirly stem. This nail polish contains pigments that are especially designed and formulated to avoid the staining. People can make use of base coats for more assurance or if they have porous nails, especially for deeper and darker shades. Essie nail polish gives you the perfection and luscious wear for 14 weeks. But it also depends upon the type of nails you have and how much work through, it gets.

Essie gel nail polish is a two way system to get the shiny and luxurious after nails. The first step is the base plus the color means a bold, strong and lust worthy color. The second step being a crazy impeccable shine on the top to make it luscious.

There are lot of feature and factors that attracts the mass towards these all so hot and new gel nail polish which are described below-:

  • There is a wide variety of colors collection by Essie gel nail polish that are hot, shiny and irresistible. The shades ranges from sheer nude pink, baby cashmere blue with satiny feel, pearlized nude greige to plush taupe. It also have amazing and delicate shades of pink in cream caramel rose, graceful sheer pink, creamy apricot pink and lady pink to serve different needs of individuals.

It has some different and unique shades such as enchanting pewter with lustre of sage, dreamy grey moss, orchid creme and satin mint for people with interesting and eclectic tastes.

  • The number of shades available in essie gel nail polish are around 100. You can now search your favourite shades quite easily which used to be a daunting task with little rate of success. All of the regular nail polish of ours have renamed to match the essie nail polishes which we know and love. So, now you can have fun with varying and extreme shades.

  • The essie gel nail polish is LED compatible. They have even specialised lamps for these nail polish to provide you the perfect look. The lamp have 5 finger curing for fast and comfortable process of drying your nail paint.

  • Essie gel setter make use of a popular formula in their top coat that contains pigments. The color pigments makes your gel nail polish more shiny and creates a unique glow to your nails.

  • Essie also have 3d pop tints pigments in their gel nail polish color. This helps in making your nail paint shiny along with creating a 3d dimension of sorts. These 3d pop tints offers you with a whole new and unusual way to play with your nail polish.

  • Essie gel nail polish provides you with longevity. It gives you a perfect and luscious painted nails for two weeks which relieves us with the ugly and uncomfortable feeling of chipped nail paint. All in all it will last long for 14 days on your nails without lifting.

  • There is no need of base coat before applying essie gel nail polish as it provides you the protective stream and luscious look itself.

  • The top coat of this nail polish is shatterproof and dries really quickly as it is made up of hard shell technology that extends any wear. It also protects the color while magnifying the shine.

  • Essie Gel polish is a great alternative for the manicures. Manicures are costly and time consuming process which gifts us with amazing nails to show off. Essie can help you out in the best way possible as you can cheat the manicure with the essie gel setter, a top coat, which gives your nails a shiny and amazing look.

So, Essie Gel nail polish is a new coming that serves your nails in the best manner with amazing and shiny look along with long lasting color.

Four Top Benefits Of Shellac Manicure


Do you feel like flaunting long, properly manicured painted nails? Do not worry about how to get those. In today’s world, nothing is impossible.

In the field of manicure too the Creative Nail Design (CND) has brought a revolution by introducing a whole new kind of nail polish, which was unknown till this decade. Shellac nail polish are basically a mixed breed of common nail polish and gel. The best thing about these is the nails needs no filing and lasts on the nails for about 14 days, without chipping off. The drying process is also unique.
It is done by placing the fingers under UV lights.

A Few Benefits Of Using Shellac Nail Polish

Nail polishes are a woman's best friend. Women match their nail paints with outfits and love flaunting the latest trendy manicured hands in style, when out in public. There are a few benefits that can be reaped if you are planning to go for shellac nail polish.

  • It gives a shiny mirror smooth finish to your nails and stays intact on the nails for about 14 days and in some cases even more, without chipping or fading away. So, if you are looking for a manicure that will stay on your hands for long, look for no other than shellacs. These are a girl's best companion in the context of fashion.

  • Shellacs provide strength to the nails, as compared to the regular nail polish. It can very well strengthen thin layers of the nails. Isn't it a good reason to go for shellacs? If you have very thin nails, what are you waiting for? Go and get a shellac manicure done.

  • Are you among those ladies who absolutely hate to wait or in other words have no patience to wait for the nail polish to get dry? If yes, then shellacs may be the option that you would love to try. Unlike, regular nail polish which dries naturally, shellacs are dried under UV rays, which means it dries completely in no time and gives you the freedom to use your hands as you like.

  • Unlike acrylic nails, it hurts less and are healthier for that matter.

A Few Tips before starting the Manicure Process

It is not always necessary to spend loads of money at the salons to get the trendy look. Since, CND shellac manicure is costlier than the regular one, you can alternately try doing it at home. But you have to first prepare the nails before applying the polish.

  • Clean your hands and file your nails properly. Remember square shaped nails are less prone to breakage.
  • Push your cuticles back. Try not to nip it as it will end up dry and rough.
  • Base coats are essential for a good manicure. They will act as the layer between the coloured nail polish and your nail. This will prevent the nail from absorbing the nail colour.
  • Also, remember that if you have fungal infection in your nail bed, do not go for shellac manicure.

So, what are you waiting for? CND Shellac manicure is the hottest trend that people are adhering to. The shellac nail polish coating is quite durable and properly protects the breakage prone nails from the harmful impact of external factors such as detergents or soil while gardening or any other mechanical or chemical damage.

The best part is there are quite a good variant of colours available and you can choose from a lot of options. Wait no more, go to the salon or buy the manicure kits and try it at home . Get a CND shellac manicure today!

4 of the Gorgeous Gel-Nails Products that you MUST have


Does fashion and the new additions in the world of vogue excite you? Then this blog is exactly what you are looking for. We have clubbed together some of the very interesting and unique elements that all of the fashion fiestas are sure to love.

Get a closer look at these cute, stylish and MUST have products and be ready to be the most trendy and up-to-date member of your group. So here are 4 of the stunning products from Angela’s collection to give you a glamourous and peppy look.

1. Gelish Bluetooth speaker street beat Limited edition

3 of the Amazing and Super Cool Hello Kitty Nail Care collection


All you girls out there, if you are too laid back to get engaged in the grooming process then it's time to get geared up and get ready for some action. I know going to salons and taking out time for those long sessions may not be possible in the kind of schedule you live. This is the reason we are here with this blog. We don't want you to give up on your grooming part. After all a beautiful personality marks as an impression that you leave on people you meet.

Looking beautiful and attractive makes you more confident for the day, so if your day does not allow you to take out time for salons, go get these fabulous products home. Make nail grooming possible at home in the most effective ways using these amazing and easy to use products.

Here is a cute collection of Hello Kitty nail care which can give a splendid look to your personality.

1. The Limited Edition 12 colors and Hat Box from Hello Kitty

4 Steps To Apply Gel Nail Colors Like A Pro At Home


Getting the quality of Salon to your home manicure is like a dream. And this dream can easily come true if you know the right procedure to apply your gel nail colors. Doing your nails at home is the best way to pamper yourself in your free time. And the perfect way to do it right is by following the steps given below.

4 Of the Irresistible CND Creative Play Nail Lacquer For You


4 Of the Irresistible CND Creative Play Nail Lacquer For You

Gel nail colors are now amongst the top selections of fashion lovers. The gel top coats and smooth look that it gives to your nails is worth every effort you put into the application gel nail colors.

But this sophisticated process can not turn out to be as beautiful enough if you don't use the right products. To be sure that the efforts and money you spend for your gel nail colors are going right, we are here with this blog to suggest some fabulous CND creative play lacquer.