Cute Little And Very Useful Accessories for Manicure and Pedicure

February 15, 2024

We all love the shine and that beautiful look that Salon visits can give to our hands and feet. But visiting salons every often is beyond imaginable in the tough schedule that we follow. Giving up on your grooming is something absolutely you would not wish to do.

So here we are with a fabulous idea. You can balance between your grooming sessions and parlour visits by simply getting your own kits. Such kits enables you to go through your manicure and pedicure sessions all by yourself at a time of your comfort.

OPI gives a massive range of manicure and pedicure accessories which will prove very helpful for your manicure and pedicure sessions. These cute little accessories are a must in every girl’s complete nail and skin care set.

Check these 5 cute and amazingly effective products for your grooming care needs.

1. OPI Avojuice Sweet Lemon Sage Lotion

What you must have in your kit is a brilliant lotion that can keep your hands and feet moisturised and also ensure that you smell well. And OPI Avojuice is a perfect way getting a blend of both. This easy to use pump bottle of Sweet Lemon Sage Lotion is just perfect for your ideal manicure and pedicure kit.

2. Rejuvenating Serum By OPI

Another major addition in your kit is the Rejuvenating Serum by OPI. Enriched with grape seeds and Licorice Extracts, this anti aging hand serum infuses well in the skin.

So girls, here is a miracle with your skin, get lighter tone with amazingly reduced signs of aging. Get the nourishment of Vitamins A, C and E along with the antioxidant Grape Seed oils.

3. OPI Chamomile Mint Scrub kit

OPI Chamomile mint scrub kit includes a scrub, massage pack and a cute little bag. If you are looking for a stress relieving massage on your hands and feet, this addition is worth it. The flower chamomile plant and honeysweet aroma packed in this tube is sure to make you all refreshed and energetic.

4. OPI Empty Clear White Nail Polish Display Rack

Tired of finding your lost nail paints inside every cupboard and drawers? Now you can keep them all together and show off your style with this amazing white nail polish display rack. A very useful addition to your kit which will help you to manage your stuff well. After all girls, we can't afford to loose our darling nail paints. Keep them save by using this rack.

The last but the cutest element that you should have with you is this awesomely cute little doggie cosmetic kit bag. Aww.. this dog is just so adorable. Get it to your home and decorate your dressing area with such cute and easily manageable pieces.

Gel nails can give it all. Just log on to our website and locate your favorite accessories and products. You can contact us or simply visit the online market for easily accessible products.


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