Shine in Style With The New Range of OPI Infinite Collection

February 15, 2024

Doing your nails is the best time of your routine for the simple reason of the love that you feel for your hands after the application of good nail colors. And to be sure that this love keeps on increasing with time, we have got a fabulous range of OPI Infinite collection for you. The amazing and extended gel finish on your fingers is absolutely worth the consideration.

Well, all your dresses, jewelry and shoes are wasted if you don’t get that magic on your fingers. Be it long or short length nails, the top coats of this smashing hot nail color range is sure to add a lot of glamour to your look.

The OPI Shine nail color range includes 3 steps which start with a base coat following an Infinite Shine Primer and then an OPI Shine gloss top.

Here are 3 of the amazing OPI Infinite Shine nail lacquer collection that can turn your look to all dazzling and gorgeous.

1. OPI INFINITE SHINE S-ageless Beauty

Being unusal and yet sexy is the key to the glamorous look. And this nail color gives you all the reasons to be so. The rich color and gorgeous shine that OPI Infinite promises is sure to give you a long lasting and ravishing look. Pair up this color with any of your plain dresses and get ready to make even such boring dresses all jazzy and peppy.

2. OPI INFINITE SHINE Relentless Ruby

The color of love and a true beauty on your fingers. Red is one color that if paired with the right dress, it can make you look super hot. Especially when this color is from a good brand, you will just love the shine and chip free look on your fingers. Paint it well with all the three coats and the shine of the third coat will make your entire look ravishing.


Put this nail color on you and I guarantee you will have no other option than to be infused in the beauty of your hands. This color gives your hands a gorgeous and neat look. The best part is that you will not have to worry about your dress colors each day. This ultimate nail color goes well with every dress you can imagine on your self.

Thus, you can enjoy many occasions having just one beautiful color on your fingers. Enjoy the promising shine and long lasting elegance on you.

Aren’t you dazzled with this awesome new nail lacquer collection? Well there is a lot more. Visit our website and you will have a huge range of options to pick from. Look at the amazing colors and know more about the brilliant quality that OPI offers.

At Gel-nails, we make sure that you are in line with all the new nail care and grooming systems and thus, we have this easy online market at your services. Contact us to have a assistance.


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