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Nail Soakers - 10pcs

Nail Soakers - 10pcs

Nail Soakers - 10pcs


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Wearable Nail Soakers for Nail Polish and Nail UV Gel Removal - Long Lasting - Totally Re-usable.

These great little finger pod soakers will quickly & efficiently soak off liquid & powder (acrylic) nails, any soak off gels & fiberglass products. For artificial nail removal. Trim excess nail. Carefully pour pure acetone to top of clear container (for easy access, use a plastic dropper). Carefully insert fingernail into liquid chamber by twisting. To release any pressure & avoid spillage during insertion, slightly squeeze to allow air to escape. Leave nail soaking 5 to 10 minutes to allow acetone to melt the artificial nail material, then using a rotary motion, use inner scraper to remove layers of artificial nail or nail polish.