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4 Amazing Gel Nail Colors For a Perfect Beach Trip


4 Amazing Gel Nail Colors For a Perfect Beach Trip

Excited about your weekend trip at the beach? Beaches are the fun places to relax and be rejuvenated by the energy of people and colors all around. So when you plan your visit to the beach, make sure you are absolutely ready with those amazing colors on your clothes and also on your hands.

To make the atmosphere more lively, pick nail colors that compliments your groovy and trendy beach dresses. Gel nail colors are an ideal wear for your beach time as these shiny paints lasts for a long time, even when you are under sun or in the water.

This blog give you 4 of the most amazing gel nail colors to add more life to your amazing beach trip.

1. ORLY GELFX Lush 30494 UV LED Gel Nail Color

Beaches are all about tangy yet beautiful colors. Picking a perfect yellow color can be tricky at times. There are a lot of chances of you getting a bad shade of yellow that can completely ruin the look.

So here we are with a perfect sunny color that is not only trendy, but also compliments your beach visits.

2.ORLY GELFX Neon Heat 30495 UV LED Gel Nail

Playing with colors is always a fun way to dress up for your beach party. So even when you are wearing a dull color dress, you can brighten it up with neon magenta shades. This bright shade brings a perfect balance of glamour and funkiness to your attire. Such colors sets the mood right and add a lot of life to your personality.

3. ORLY GELFX Ablaze 30498 UV LED Gel Nail Color

Look happy and you will surely feel happy. And this orange blast on your hands will give you every reason to be super happy on your beach day outs.

You can make your look even better by adding funky flowers of the same color to your hair. Get ready to make your spirits happy and energetic with these super awesome gel nail colors.

4. ORLY GELFX Saturated 30499 UV LED Gel Nail

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Purple is a royal color. And thus, when you wish to add boldness and royalness to your evenings at the beach side, go for this fabulous shade. This stunning color will make your evening dresses look more attractive and will enhance your personality.

Tip: Make sure that you do not have to long nails when you use this royal color on your beach evenings.

Have fun with colors, pick your favorite one or mix and match all of them on your fingers. Don't miss any chance to bring up your crazy, adventures and fun side to have an amazing and unique beach visit.

ORLY GELFX is a well known gel manicure kit which ensures nail strength and shine and its durability. You can easily get these amazing color selections and more options for it at our website Gel-nails.com. You can even contact us for more information and help.


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