Expert Tips on How to Apply 3D Nail Stickers

February 1, 2024

Everyone appears to be going for DIY nails these days. The alternatives are unlimited, from press-on fingernails to classic manicures. Nail stickers might also be in your sight if you seek a quick way to improve your manicure procedure. Nail stickers are ideal for individuals who don't have time to visit a salon but want to keep up with the current nail art styles (hello, neon nails!). 

Thanks to this popular cosmetic product, you can provide your fingernails with a polished finish with elegant manicure patterns and designs right in the luxury of your own home. Because nail decals have their own rules, you must learn the 4-1-1 before testing the craze.

What are nail stickers?

Nail stickers (also known as nail wraps) are simple nail polish stickers with an adhesive coating on one surface and a fingernail polish color or pattern on the other. Nail stickers are often pre-cut dimensions that fit the whole nail and replace polish. They're also available as tiny stickers to complement a conventional manicure.

Of course, nail decals aren't just for fun patterns. Solid nail colors create a clean-cut aesthetic if you like to wear a simple manicure. These eliminate the mess and drying time associated with regular nail polish.

Safety of nail stickers

The good news is that nail stickers are completely safe. You're completely safe since nail stickers may be peeled off without hurting your nails.

Pro tip: Several of the best things regarding nail stickers is that they're the most affordable manicure option, with sets starting at a very cheap amount.

Nail Stickers: How Long Do They Last?

When placed appropriately to your nails, you may anticipate nail decals to last two to three weeks. Please remember that the more precisely you apply your nail decals, the longer they will endure.

What Is the Best Way to Apply Nail Stickers?

Are you ready to use nail stickers to create that detailed nail design? Choose your favorite set and continue our step-by-step instructions below to nail the look.

Step 1: Remove any old nail polish first.

Before placing your nail decals, make sure your real nails are clean and debris-free. Remove any old nail polish that has remained on your fingernails with nail polish cleaner.

Step 2: Filing and trimming of fingernails

Because the main aim is for these nail decals to seem like your actual nails, filing and shaping your nails is vital. Clip your fingernails and make sure they're even, then shape them with a nail file for a clean texture.

Step 3: Trim Your Nails

To soak your nails, hold your fingertips in a dish of lukewarm water for a minute. For a new appearance, get an amber brush and move your fingernails out of the way. Pro tip: resist the urge to trim your cuticles! Irritation or illness might develop from cutting them.

Step 4: Choosing Your Nail Stickers

It's time to get your nail stickers out when your nails have dried. Each pair of nail stickers is packaged on a clear sheet with varying sizes to accommodate people with diverse nail forms and lengths. Place the decals on your nails before taking them first from the sheet to determine the proper size. It's time to start attaching now that you've chosen your stickers.

Step 5: Remove the Nail Stickers

Use your fingers to separate the piece from its backing. If your fingernails are lengthy or the decals are particularly adhesive, you can use tweezers to remove them.

Step 6: Put on the Nail stickers:

Place the adhesive-side down as near to your cuticles as feasible. First, from the cuticle to the head of the nail, smooth it against your nail. When you're using nail stickers to add a pop of color to your base color, apply the nail art decal wherever you want it and smooth it over for a clean texture.

Step 7: Put the Extras Away

If you've had a bit of other polish peel hanging off your nails, smooth it away with a nail file for a flawless finish. Rep until your nails are completely covered in nail stickers.

Step 8: Finish with a Clean Top Coating

Apply a second coat for a lustrous finish once you've finished applying the nail stickers. This step is optional, but we recommend it for a lengthy and expert finish.

Removal of nail stickers

When the edges peel, it's time to take off your nail stickers. Find three options for completing the task below.

Option 1: Peel and Then go

If you've had your nail stickers for at least 2 weeks, they should come off easily when the time arrives. If the stickers come off easily, peel them off from the elevated border.

Option 2: Soak in Acetone

An acetone soak is an excellent approach to get rid of stubborn nail polish stickers. To preserve your fingernails throughout the removal procedure, apply a small quantity of wax to your cuticle. 

Fill a small basin halfway with acetone, dip your fingers in, and rest for a few moments. After your soak time is finished, carefully take the stickers off the nails with an orange stick. If the fingernail decals don't budge, immerse them in acetone for another five minutes.

Option 3: Soak in Hot Water

A heated water soak would suffice if you'd rather not use acetone to erase your fingernail stickers. Simply fill an entire bowl halfway with heated water and a few cleaning soap sprays. Put your hands in the dish for 20 minutes to soak your nails. You may carefully pull the nail decals off once they are free.


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