4 of the Gorgeous Gel-Nails Products that you MUST have


Does fashion and the new additions in the world of vogue excite you? Then this blog is exactly what you are looking for. We have clubbed together some of the very interesting and unique elements that all of the fashion fiestas are sure to love.

Get a closer look at these cute, stylish and MUST have products and be ready to be the most trendy and up-to-date member of your group. So here are 4 of the stunning products from Angela’s collection to give you a glamourous and peppy look.

1. Gelish Bluetooth speaker street beat Limited edition

3 of the Amazing and Super Cool Hello Kitty Nail Care collection


All you girls out there, if you are too laid back to get engaged in the grooming process then it's time to get geared up and get ready for some action. I know going to salons and taking out time for those long sessions may not be possible in the kind of schedule you live. This is the reason we are here with this blog. We don't want you to give up on your grooming part. After all a beautiful personality marks as an impression that you leave on people you meet.

Looking beautiful and attractive makes you more confident for the day, so if your day does not allow you to take out time for salons, go get these fabulous products home. Make nail grooming possible at home in the most effective ways using these amazing and easy to use products.

Here is a cute collection of Hello Kitty nail care which can give a splendid look to your personality.

1. The Limited Edition 12 colors and Hat Box from Hello Kitty

4 Steps To Apply Gel Nail Colors Like A Pro At Home


Getting the quality of Salon to your home manicure is like a dream. And this dream can easily come true if you know the right procedure to apply your gel nail colors. Doing your nails at home is the best way to pamper yourself in your free time. And the perfect way to do it right is by following the steps given below.

4 Of the Irresistible CND Creative Play Nail Lacquer For You


4 Of the Irresistible CND Creative Play Nail Lacquer For You

Gel nail colors are now amongst the top selections of fashion lovers. The gel top coats and smooth look that it gives to your nails is worth every effort you put into the application gel nail colors.

But this sophisticated process can not turn out to be as beautiful enough if you don't use the right products. To be sure that the efforts and money you spend for your gel nail colors are going right, we are here with this blog to suggest some fabulous CND creative play lacquer.

ibd Hard Gel LED UV Clear Gel

ibd Hard Gel LED UV Clear Gel

ibd Hard Gel LED / UV Clear Gel

Please check our new arrivals ibd Hard Gel LED UV Clear Gel

The NEW LED/UV formula provides a thin, clear, and glossy finish.

Can be applied over nail tips and natural nails for added strength.

No chipping or peeling

Lasts for weeks

Use with both manicures and pedicures

Cure for 30 seconds under LED Lamp

Or 1 minute under UV Lamp

Gel nails can give it all. Just log on to our website and locate your favorite accessories and products. You can contact us or simply visit the online market for easily accessible products.

Cute Little And Very Useful Accessories for Manicure and Pedicure


Cute Little And Very Useful Accessories for Manicure and Pedicure

We all love the shine and that beautiful look that Salon visits can give to our hands and feet. But visiting salons every often is beyond imaginable in the tough schedule that we follow. Giving up on your grooming is something absolutely you would not wish to do.

Shine in Style With The New Range of OPI Infinite Collection


Shine in Style With The New Range of OPI Infinite Collection

Doing your nails is the best time of your routine for the simple reason of the love that you feel for your hands after the application of good nail colors. And to be sure that this love keeps on increasing with time, we have got a fabulous range of OPI Infinite collection for you. The amazing and extended gel finish on your fingers is absolutely worth the consideration.

4 Amazing Gel Nail Colors For a Perfect Beach Trip


4 Amazing Gel Nail Colors For a Perfect Beach Trip

Excited about your weekend trip at the beach? Beaches are the fun places to relax and be rejuvenated by the energy of people and colors all around. So when you plan your visit to the beach, make sure you are absolutely ready with those amazing colors on your clothes and also on your hands.

3 Reasons That You Must have A Gel Nail Kit At Home


3 Reasons That You Must have A Gel Nail Kit At Home

Gel nails are hitting the fashion charts with its new yet popular designs and colors. Application of these nail paints is way too easy when compared to acrylic nails and this is the reasons gel nail kits have now become a favorite of many fashion lovers.

OPI hawaii collection



OPI Launches Hawaii Collection Featuring Twelve New Nail Lacquer Shades for Spring/Summer 2015

Hawaii Collection by OPI brings the fresh, bright colors of its namesake islands to nails and toes for Spring/Summer 2015. This new collection features a palette ranging from muted tones of mint, peach, pink and nude to bolder hues of coral, green, purple and gold to deep tones of mauve, violet, brick red and shimmery blue.




OPI, introduces INFINITE SHINE Gel Effects Lacquer System – a nail lacquer system that produces the rich color, intense shine, and lasting wear of gels, without the need for LED light curing or removal by soaking. Thirty beautiful shades in colors that only OPI can deliver in a classic, sophisticated crème finish that applies like a lacquer, removes like a lacquer, and shines until you take it off. 3-step system ensures this with a primer that prevents staining and has real sticking power. 30 Shades featuring time-released pigments that keep color rich. Gloss top coat that creates dimensional shine – all creating the perfect environment for lasting, high-shine, on-trend, fashion-forward nail color.